Thursday, November 03, 2005

Much ado about nothing

Ordinarily, Bill Callahan's post-practice interview on Thursdays attracts maybe a half-dozen reporters. Today it attracted a crowd of about 20, with television trucks outside the stadium for live remotes and news reporters assigned to cover Callahan's response to the Big 12's reprimand following his gesture in the Oklahoma game. One news reporter even asked the sports information office when the public reprimand would take place, as if Callahan were to be paraded to mid-court at the Devaney Sports Center and berated by a Big 12 official. Callahan handled the situation pretty well, indicating that he felt as if he had been publicly reprimanded the last four days. The degree of punishment probably indicates that the Big 12 didn't consider the gesture significant. But so much has been made of it, the conference had to do something. It shouldn't have happened, of course, but failing to acknowledge that it did initially allowed it to gain momentum. The connotation of the description "throat slash" magnified the problem beyond reason. Callahan should have been encouraged to address the situation quickly, tossing out another description of the gesture, something less prejudicial. Once the term "throat slash" was accepted, it became a much bigger deal than it deserved.

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