Friday, October 07, 2005

Smooth sailing? Probably not yet.

Nebraska got untracked offensively against Iowa State, sort of. Zac Taylor certainly passed efficiently, and as Bill Callahan said afterward, he took a physical pounding without flinching. So Taylor provided a glimpse of what the offense can do. But to think, as some apparently do, that there won't be glitches from here on out is a bit naive. Plus, to have 400 yards passing in regulation and only 13 points on the board shouldn't be described as "untracked." Instead of leaving yards on the field, the Cornhuskers left points, a greater concern. Still, what Taylor did after only three games was enouraging, if not remarkable. He needs time to be comfortable. And the offense needs to be able to run the ball better than it did against Iowa State to provide him with some physical comfort. However, I suggested that Nebraska would be inclined and able to run against Iowa State. So what do I know? Maybe it doesn't need to run. But it does need to translate all those yards into points.

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