Friday, September 23, 2005

Gentleman, start your engines

After watching Iowa State struggle to beat Army, eventually wearing down the defense, Nebraska should crank up its running game. The Cyclones breathed a sigh of relief when Nebraska didn't line up and run the ball at them last season, and it would appear that their concern would be the same this time around. It ought to be a big day for Cory Ross and the other running backs. A week ago, I might have been inclined to pick Iowa State, but not so now, as long as Nebraska keeps the ball on the ground and pounds away. Plus, the Cornhuskers' defensive pressure should be more than Bret Meyer can handle. Iowa State was not impressive, even taking into account the fact that Army came between Iowa and Nebraska, two emotional games. The Big 12 north looks wide open. It could be the Cornhuskers' for the taking, for now anyway. Defense and special teams can be worth a lot.

Posted by Mike Babcock @ Friday, September 23, 2005 ||

You mean that "line up and run it at them" thing still works? Then why did we let Frank go and hire "Bozo the west coast clown?" Huskers will lose on Saturday for 1 reason, BTWCC will get tired of running for 7 or 8 yards and tell Zach to pitch it down the field, where an ISU player will be waiting. Even with the coaching as pathetic as it is, looks like the cream puff schedule will likely lead the huskers to 6-5 and a bowl opportunity and thats too bad, would have loved to see Bill and Steve sit through another very long, very cold winter.
Posted by Blogger WWFD : 5:29 AM
I think that if Frank was here, he'd tell his quarterback to "Run for your life!" "Run! Run! Run! Run!" "Run to the left!" "Run to the right!" "Run all about!" "With all of your might!" "Cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing here!"

Yep, that's certainly what Franktookaspank would say. Boy, am I glad he got fired in short order. When Pederson started punching the fire button, security came runnin. The next thing Frankie knew, he was in lockup for the night. As the sun set for the night, Frankie's 300 lb gorilla of a cell mate glared at him with a look of sheer hatred on his face. The last thing Franktookaspank heard before going down for the count was "You shoulda given me that scholarship, coach!"
Posted by Blogger Solichsucks : 7:14 PM
You know, little Frankie Solich was just about the dumbest idiot to ever coach football at a major university.

No wonder no one but lowly Ohio hired him.

Frank Solich---Bitter Bobcat.

Hey Frank! You sure did stank! Did your girlfriend follow you to Athens? You know, the one who you were diddlin all week long when you were supposed to be WORKING! What's that, Frank? You didn't know any actual work needed to be done? No wonder Pederson cracked that whip and knocked you on your butt with sound precision! You had to go, Frank. You were the dumbest head coach Nebraska has ever had, and you were a clown of the highest order!

Frank took a spank
Eric was Crouchin
Pedey was poundin
Solich's wife out the back door!
Posted by Blogger Solichsucks : 7:21 PM
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