Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Apologize to Joe?

Two games into the season, it appears that maybe folks ought to offer Joe Dailey an apology for piling all of Nebraska's offensive problems onto him last season. For instance, when passes were dropped (and they were)the responsibility was his. Now the responsibility is placed on the receivers. The truth is, responsibility should be shared, just as the offensive line has to share in the blame when things aren't clicking, which they aren't. If the quarterback doesn't have time to make decisions, the decisions aren't likely to be good ones. And poor decisions can result in interceptions, as we've seen again this season. Dailey's decision-making wasn't the best, but Taylor's hasn't been either, not consistently anyhow. That's to be expected. Few quarterbacks are going to step in at this level and play error-free from the get-go. Oklahoma has provided dramatic evidence of that. Experience is critical at that position, which is why Tom Osborne never wanted to schedule a Kickoff Classic or other early-season toughie when he didn't have a veteran quarterback. Taylor needs time under game conditions to develop the skills he has to make the offense work. But the sense I've gotten is, folks are already becoming impatient. Some in the student section were even chanting Josh Freeman's name during the fourth quarter of the Wake Forest game, and he won't arrive on campus until January. Even if Saturday's game were to get out of hand, Taylor would probably get most of the snaps because he needs the experience, particularly with Big 12 play beginning in two weeks.

Posted by Mike Babcock @ Wednesday, September 14, 2005 ||

Um... you do realize that the student's chanting had nothing to do with wanting Josh on the field, don't you?

It's about the recruiting process. You know, get the recruits excited about coming to Nebraska to play football? Too bad this "article" doesn't fit that description.
Posted by Blogger huskerfan98765 : 7:29 AM
Brilliant analysis - were you completely oblvious to the student section chanting the names of other recruits and commits attending the game? This is done to acknowledge the recruits, many of whom, BTW, have commented on how much they appreciated the "welcoming committee" treatment. This is all pre-organized and is one more recruiting tool.
Posted by Blogger infidel husker : 7:33 AM
Hey guys cut him some slack. He just doesn't understand the concept of football or recruiting. Oh wait.....what's your job again?
Posted by Blogger fatblond : 10:15 AM
Where do I sign up to be a journalist? A job where you can be the biggest tool in the shed and still keep your job. Its called recruiting you know the thing your Green Midget forgot about when he still worked here. I'm sure the student section also wanted Allen Bradford on the field the previous week because our defense was playing so poorly, or wait a second was the just that recruiting thing again. Great work, how many did you have before this masterpiece was written?
Posted by Blogger BigBug14 : 11:46 AM
Apparently you weren/t watching the bounce passes, and frequent idecisive plays that JD made!
Posted by Blogger Roy CO HSKR : 1:50 PM
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Posted by Blogger Tony Chapman : 9:33 PM
Fellow bloggers. I think you just taught Mike and myself (and many others for that matter) a thing or two about the name chanting. I certainly wasn't aware of it. It's seems to be a gesture that is definitely working for some of the new players.

And, while I won't go so far as to be willing to give Joe an apology -- many of the turnovers he accounted for last year were uncalled for and free lancing, which Taylor won't do - I would say it's very safe to say that Nebraska need's better play from the quarterback postition.

And, please don't play the "sign me up to be a journalist" bit. C'mon. I'm sure Terry, Bob and Dale have plenty of other things to do at 2:00 in the morning than worry about what's going in Saturday's papers to YOU the reader can dig into it. But, that's the nature of the beast.

If you met any of these guys you would know they were good people out to write fun stories. But, the blog is here for you to speak your mind so feel free.
Posted by Blogger Tony Chapman : 11:52 AM
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